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Our Recommendations, Week 10-11

This is a time-limited collection of 6 Bottled Greeks, which we recommend at a special price.

If you get the "Full Monty", all 6 bottles of Greeks, we provide a 15% rebate.
Add the wines to your basket and add this code at check-out: OinoWeek#10&11
Valid till March 21.

We change the collection on a bimonthly basis. Check-in to see if there is a set just made for you.

You can also get the recommended set - same deal - from our Chapel shop on Blågårds Plads 6A, 2200 CPH N.

Opening Hours
Tuesday and Wednesday 3-6PM (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday in week 8)
Thursday and Friday 3-7PM
Saturday 12-4PM

Ps. You can also meet the collection on our the landing page of our website.