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Chef Georgios Baltzis

When our clients sign up for the OinoBox, a monthly subscription of Greek wine, they will receive a recipe from Georgios Baltzis paired specifically with one of our wines with each sending.

Georgios Baltzis is born and raised in Athens, Greece. After high school he studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts in the 80s. And, relocating to Denmark, he graduated from the Copenhagen Hospitality College, Chef Department in the 90s.

During his professional life in Denmark Georgios has worked in a variety of Danish, Greek, French and Italian restaurants. Apart from cooking, or in combination of it, he loves to teach on the making of food, the history of specific ingredients and always with a good dose of warm Greek humor. Georgios field of expertise is working with home growing foods and organic ingredients. He is also passionate about local products and seasonal cooking and has worked a lot around SLOW FOOD in Denmark, also with events in Sweden. 

As a homage to his Greek origin Georgios has a solid and in depth knowledge of the past and present of the Greek cuisine, which he visualizes in Denmark as head-chef at the organic Grantoftegaard, outside Ballerup on Zealand, in-depth recipes with illustrative photos on his blog Smag paa verden as well as specialized events and tailor-made catering jobs.

Georgios passion for photography and his studies at the School of Fine Arts, give him a solid attention for details and visual presentation, which can be enjoyed on his blog as well as on his instagram account @misterbaltzis.

Oinofilia has worked closely together with Georgios for various projects, events, tastings and recipes since 2013.